Power Apps - Modifying Form Fields

Adding / Removing Form fields

Microsoft PowerAppsModifying Form Fields (Adding, Removing and Changing Order)

Power Apps mobile forms launch with specific form fields in a specific order. If you chose the screen format which is optimized for mobile tablets, you will have to manually connect to the data source. This section is assuming you have already connected to your data sources. Whichever way you built your form, if there are fields on your form you want to remove or reorder, this section is for you.

  1. First you will want to select the form on the left navigation in the screen you are wanting to modify.
  2. You will then click on Edit Fields on the right side in the Data Source section.
  3. You will then see a list off the fields on your form.
  4. Click on the ...(Elipses) next to the form field you wish to move or delete.
  5. You can change the order of your fields here or delete them
  6. Note: If you want to submit data in a field but don't want to see it on the form, do not remove the field here.

    If you do accidentally remove a field you can simply put it back by clicking on the + Add field.
    You can also add additional fields to the form with the + Add field.

    If you want a Hidden Field that passes data but is not visible to users, you can turn the visibility off on that field on the form you do not want to see it on.