Citizen Developers: Strengthen your company from within
Learn how to enable your employees to become citizen developers for your business.

1. Get to know your citizen developers

2. Give them an all-encompassing, low-code platform to use

3. Provide your citizen developers with professional training and support

1. Get to know your citizen developers

Citizen Developers have been around for decades. The rogue developers within business units that mastered Access to develop solutions to departmental challenges developers could have never dreamed of. In recent years these citizen developers have used SharePoint to create solutions. In many cases these solutions become too useful and become critical to business operations and these solutions were really not developed by experts to scale. Businesses get into trouble when this happens. Why not give these power users a tool designed for them with the capabilities to scale for enterprise adoption.

2. Give them an all-encompassing, low-code platform

The Power Platform comes along and now offers regular employees the capabilities available to software developers. They can write applications and workflows to solve many common day to day business challenges. IT has always been challenged to charge back to departments for development projects they do. This resolves this issue by empowering the very people within the departments to solve their own business challenges. The PowerPlatform allows them to develop sweet applications and even create flashy reports to show their impact.

3. Provide your citizen developers with professional support and mentoring

Even the most skilled citizen developers will likely need some professional help to get started. They might be unaware of important aspects of software development or the full capabilities of the platform your company is implementing. Realistically, PowerApps is very new, anyone who has played with it knows it is not as simple and easy to learn as Microsoft would like us to think. Professionals have stumbled over the learning curve and know the newest features making PowerApps easier to learn for Citizen Developers.

Citizen developers can get up to speed quicker and with less frustration when mentored by professionals. Let us help you build a strong Citizen Developer program across your organization.

Power Platform

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Citizen Developers

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