Governance Risk and Compliance - Power Platform
Governance Risk and Compliance:
Power Platform Governance can be challenging
Power Platform Governance of the Power Platform presents its own challenges and varies based on how you want it leveraged across your organization.

Governance explained - PowerApps, Flow & Power BI

PowerApps governance is a complex issue that needs to be taken very seriously.

Does your organization want to create a Citizen Developer community or will IT strictly be the only creators of Power Apps?.
Know the difference between creators and users and how this affects your licensing model.
If creation of a Citizen Developer Community is an option, do you want to launch it globally or start with a pilot community first?
What kind of training will be created for your Citizen Developers to help them succeed?
Who will lead the Citizen Developer community? There are Best Practices that are recommended.
It is usually recommended experts lead the Citizen Developer community and have monthly technical discussions / meetings.
Who will own and maintain the Power Apps site and admin portal?
Power Apps comes with a centralized portal making it easy for IT to manage applications created across the entire organization.
Will your licensing model support your PowerApps plans going forward. Power Apps licensing is very complicated, you will want experts to help you sort it out.

Many organizations want to allow all departments to use Power Automate to streamline/automate their business processes.

Citizen Developers can easily automate their business processes by using pre-built automation templates for common automations.
Create you own automations by connecting various applications, such as Outlook, SharePoint Dynamics 365 or non-Microsoft apps like Twitter, ServiceNow, Gmail, SalesForce etc.
Users can Set up triggers, alerts, automated emails, push notifications and much more – with no coding and in minutes.
It is usually recommended experts lead the Citizen Developer community and have monthly technical discussions/meetings.
Since Power Automate can connect many disparite systems across the organization it is recommended they have a governing body/team for oversight.
Power Automate also comes with a centralized portal making it easy for IT to manage workflows across the entire organization.

Power BI is a business analytics tool most companies feel the safest with allowing Citizen Developers all across their organization to use to view their departmental data.

Most companies want all employees to be able to access their own departmental data to create reports and give visibility and insights to that data.
Employees can Click and connect with Microsoft and third-party cloud services, as well as on-premise data sources.
Easily manipulate data and create visuals, such as charts, dashboards, maps and many more – so you can present your data in an easy-to-digest format.
Use natural language to query data and get results (i.e. “show me our sales pipeline for 2018 by month, by sales person”).
Overall, allowing employees to easily analyse and make sense of complex data to enable continual improvement.
Power BI Citizen Developers can still benefit from haveing access to experts to help them solve more complex reporting challenges.
Since reports can expose potentially sensitive data and information it is best practice to have governance in place to mitigate risk.

Let us come in help your team develop "Best Practices" to make sure your organization has the governance in place to protect you from the risk and challenges of releasing corporate wide solutions that can connect to and expose data throughout your organization.

If executed properly, Citizen developers across your organization can develop incredible apps and reports that can save your organization time and money. Read the success stories »